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Englander Synergy Mattress

Are you having difficulty deciding between all of the mattress materials that have become so popular these days? The ease of walking into a furniture store and asking for a firm or soft mattress are over, but so are the days of waking up stiff and achy from a mattress that just does not support your body.

With all of the changes in the bedding industry comes a comfortable night of sleep that our ancestors would have only dreamed about experiencing. One of the top rated beds being offered right now is the Englander Synergy mattress, but what exactly puts it ahead of the other top brands?

Englander Synergy mattresses take two of the most supportive and comforting materials that can be placed in a bed and combines them together for the ultimate in luxury bedding.

All natural latex provides the support your body needs to wake up pain free and high quality memory foam provides the comfort that you need to remain comfortable for hours at a time. Together, these foam materials eliminate pressure points that lead to discomfort and cause you to toss and turn.

Synergy refers to the cooperative operation of two different substances working together to reach a common goal. In terms of your new mattress, synergy is created through the collaboration of memory foam and natural latex.

The goal is to deliver a highly supportive yet comfortable night of rest. So, does the Englander Synergy Collection actually meet this goal, or is it just another overpriced mattress that will fall apart in a matter of months?

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Using latex at the core of the Synergy foam mattress and memory foam layered throughout the mattress to create seven zones with varying degrees of support actually works very well. Latex is a very resilient material that lasts years longer than mattresses made of memory foam alone.

It allows the mattress to conform to the shape of your body, allowing you to relax into the mattress rather than lying on top of certain body parts taking the brunt of your weight. The memory foam adds to the overall comfort and cradles your body so you are supported and comforted at every curve.

The Englander Synergy mattress is highly competitive on the market today because it takes the best materials in the industry and allows them to work together.

You no longer have to make the difficult decision between memory foam and latex because mattresses such as this one deliver the best properties of each in one single mattress.