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Englander Nature's Finest Mattresses

Forget all the hype about memory foam and for just a moment consider another popular option on the market today. The materials used inside an Englander Nature's Finest mattress raises the bar considerably high for all other mattresses who want to remain competitive.

This is because they give you yet another option for selecting the next bed that enters you home. While still giving you the same options in terms of level of firmness and box top or pillow top, they allow you to decide if you want your bed to be environmentally friendly or not!

Since latex is an all natural, sustainable material that helps the environment while delivering a truly luxurious feeling bed, you can have a bed that meets your needs and that of the environment all at once. Shouldn’t the next bed mattress you bring into your home be in line with the environmentally friendly values you hold in other areas of your life?

A Nature's Finest latex mattress allows you to keep your home green and allergen free, while still giving extreme luxury in terms of body support and overall comfort. To top it all off, latex is an extremely durable material that will last years longer than memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

The Nature's Finest by Englander does not use synthetic latex. All natural latex straight from the sap of the rubber tree is formed into foam-like layers which are placed inside the mattress.

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The protection against allergens and dust mites comes from the natural qualities of the material, and it just happens to be a sustainable resource that does not rob the planet of valuable resources. Natural latex is petroleum free as well.

Other perks of the Nature's Finest natural latex mattress include less motion transfer across the bed and the ability to keep your body in proper alignment.

Orthopedic support has become an important factor for consumers today, since no one likes waking up stiff and achy. Latex eliminates pressure points and supports your body so you feel better when you lift your head from the pillow.

If there is a downfall to purchasing an Englander Nature's Finest mattress, it would be the price. They do run higher than a lot of people would prefer to pay for a single mattress set, but for many consumers the luxurious support and comfort combined with knowing they are making an impact on the environment makes it well worth the investment.