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Englander Memory Foam Mattresses

If you have walked into any store that sells mattresses in the last few years you know that there is a flood of mattresses made with the popular memory foam material. Yet, it is a little more complicated to purchase a memory foam mattress than you may think.

Just walking into a store and asking for the cheapest they have on the shelf will often lead to the hassle of returning the mattress to the store a short time later, since there are differences in the types of memory foam used. So, what type of foam is used in the popular Englander memory foam mattress and how does it stack up to other top brands being sold today?

An Englander foam mattress uses high quality foam material that has been processed with the manufacturer’s patented Variable Pressure Foam technology. Many brands have their long terms that describe how they make their memory foam, but this is just a complicated way of saying their foam has been specially designed for durability and resiliency.

The problem with many foam mattresses is that as the foam compresses under your body weight it holds in your body heat. This causes you to get too warm during the night. The foam used in the Englander Viscopedic mattress allows for proper air circulation so this does not become a problem. The extra resiliency also means it will move with your body no matter which position you take, while lower quality foams may take awhile to come back to original form and conform to your new body position.

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Another issue that comes with low quality memory foam mattresses is that they tend to wear down with time, leaving impressions in the mattress where you most often sleep.

These impressions can become extremely uncomfortable and how quickly they form greatly depends on the density and quality of foam used inside the mattress.

Since the memory foam used in an Englander mattress is designed to be more resilient than most other memory foams, it goes back into place much easier and greatly reduces the risk of impressions forming.

If you have made up your mind that the comfort and support of a memory foam mattress is the way you want to go, then an Englander memory foam mattress is the best mattress in the market that you can purchase.

Through innovative manufacturing practices Englander has created a memory foam that far exceeds the quality of most others being sold right now.