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Englander Mattress

The Englander mattress company was founded by Max Englander in 1894 and is America's second oldest national manufacturer of high-end sleep products. The company has come a long way since those early years and now makes a variety of sleep solutions, everything from traditional innerspring mattresses right through to latex and memory foam mattresses.

Buying a mattress is one of the most important buying decisions most of us will ever make. Englander is well aware of this and has spent years designing a range of quality mattresses that offer the best sleep solution no matter what a person's requirements are. What follows is the current collection of Englander mattresses.

Englander Synergy Mattress

The introduction of the memory foam mattress has been the single greatest technological advancement in mattress design since the invention of the innerspring mattress over a hundred years ago. Englander fully realized what the visco-elastic foam mattress could offer the sleeper and has spent a lot of time and research on developing it's own version; the Englander Synergy memory foam mattress. The seven zoned system provides different areas of firmness. The memory foam is used in conjunction with 100% natural latex to provide the ultimate support for the sleeper.

Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses the Synergy mattress by Englander has zero motion transfer. The company has also found a solution to the problem of excessive heat build up of memory foam (something present in other well-known brands) with the development of the unique Airstream System.

This Englander memory foam mattress provides perfect alignment of the spine and neck is is undeniably one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market today.

Englander Nature's Finest Mattress

Nature's Finest is a 100% natural latex mattress from Englander. The latex mattress has enjoyed a revival (thanks in no small part to the introduction of the memory foam mattress) as many like the benefits of memory foam but want the hypo-allergenic and recyclable benefits of a pure natural latex mattress.

This Englander latex mattress boasts superior support, longer elasticity and exceptional breathability. The latex mattress conforms to the exact shape of the sleeper's body - you actually feel the latex pushing back therefore naturally supporting your body, evenly distributing weight and pressure while whisking body heat away.

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Englander 21 Century Sleep System Mattress

The Englander Sleep System mattress is for those who like the feel of sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress but would like the superior support of memory foam. The 21st Century Sleep System by Englander is a unique combination of high-quality steel coils and the best memory foam. The mattress uses the company's patented ZeroMotion that provides the ultimate sleep experience. The use of memory foam-encased coils produces a feeling of unparalleled luxury that a 100% memory foam mattress can't but with the comfort and support that a traditional innerspring can't.

Englander Sleep System mattresses also use a Comfort Seal Double Edge system that provides edge-to-edge support. Englander has developed pressure relief body mapping technology to bring the sleeper 'choices of firmness' in all its premium product lines.

Englander Tension Ease Mattress

The Tension Ease from Englander is for those who want an innerspring mattress and nothing else. However, the company has gone one step further by offering a traditionalc oil mattress that incorporates the latest technology to bring you its patented coil zone system. This employs different levels of firmness and support for the different parts of the body. So, when you lie down on an Englander Tension Ease mattress you know that the different areas of your body are being given the correct amount of support they need.

The ever popular Lady Englander mattress is super premium unit, with the wire intensive Dual-Flex coil unit. It features the exclusive Integrated Comfort System technologies.