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Englander Latex Mattresses

You are doing much more than giving your body a good night of rest when you sleep on an Englander latex mattress. Only completely natural latex is used in this mattress, which means it is environmentally safe along with all of the comforting features that come with the material.

This is the ideal bed for anyone who needs superior bodily support, suffers from an allergy condition, or who is conscious about living a green lifestyle. Of course, there are other mattresses on the market that claim to be the best for these consumers, so what sets Englander’s latex mattress apart from the crowd?

There are high quality beds that aim to compete with Englander latex mattresses from several different aspects. The Tempurpedic mattress line is known its foam-like material that conforms to the body and gives excellent support while relieving pressure points.

There are a host of latex mattresses on the market, but many of them do not have a solid latex core and rely upon foams for most of their comfort. There are also a whole host of mattresses which combine various foams in an attempt to get the comfort and support offered naturally from an Englander Nature's Finest latex mattress.

Yet, the Englander Nature's Finest mattress stays ahead of these other mattresses because it does all that they aim to do, combined into one mattress. Natural latex comes from the rubber tree and is the most resilient material you can put inside a mattress.

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It will conform to your body and relieve pressure points just as a Tempurpedic mattress, but it will hold its shape and last for years longer than the foam-like Tempur material. Since each mattress has a solid latex core instead of merely adding in a layer, you can easily expect your mattress to last for fifteen or more years without every being rotated or flipped.

Another advantage to latex over foam is that it keeps your body temperature comfortable, no matter what season it is outside your window. You won’t have to worry about overheating, since latex allows for proper air circulation and does not trap in heat.

Add in that it is not a natural habitat for dust mites or other common bed pests, and you see why this is regarded as the best mattress on the market for many consumers.

An Englander latex mattress also beats the problem of sagging which comes with innerspring mattresses. There is a higher price to be paid for all the comfort and support offered here, but consider how long it will remain in your home compared to other mattresses.