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DUX Axion Mattress

DUX Axion takes the most luxurious bed in the world and puts it on an adjustable frame. Since these beds are only available through very exclusive Duxiana stores, very few people will ever get to experience them up close and personal.

There are consumers who would be willing to put out whatever it takes to bring the extreme comfort and bodily support offered by these beds into their home. So, what exactly does the DUX Axion mattress offer that makes them worth their protected, exclusive status in the mattress market?

The DUX Axion by Duxiana is basically the DUX 818 model on an adjustable frame. The frame allows the mattress to select the specific height and angle that gives the comfort you need at any given moment in you life, but it is what is within the mattress that makes it so special.

Each mattress is made by hand in Sweden using an extraordinary number of super strong Swedish steel coils. These coils are designed to conform to the body and work with the comfort zones built into each mattress. Each side of the bed can be set to different comfort settings in three key regions. The shoulder, lower back, and leg regions can all be set according to specialized specifications, giving a highly personalized night of sleep on each side of the bed. Never before has a bed been capable of adjusting so closely to the exact sleep needs you require.

Just browsing through consumer reviews of DUX Axion reveals that these beds are unlike anything you have ever seen before. They do not resemble regular beds that most people are used to shopping for, and from the second you lie down you realize they do not feel like any other bed available on the market, either.

The ability to set three different zones to your personal liking and then adjust the height and angle with a convenient remote control sets it in a league all alone, untouchable by the top brands most people are familiar with.

The DUX Axion bed offers innovative features that make it well worth the high price tag. The fact that few people can afford to buy one just makes it even more desirable to those who actually can.