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Duxiana Mattress

For those who insist on fine quality sleep products, Duxiana mattresses are well worth looking into. The company is a Swedish enterprise, and insists on the use of only the finest materials and construction practices.

Rather than attempting to be the bed in every person's home, they have chosen to fill a niche, targeting the most discerning customers, and providing superb products which are worthy of the price a Duxiana mattress will fetch.

Understanding the Cost of DUX Beds

It is true that DUX beds are expensive. But it is also true that the same workmanship you would expect from a fine European automobile goes into DUX beds. These are not common bedding products, but are engineered to be the best beds which money can buy. Just as you would not expect a Chevrolet to be of the same quality as a Lamborghini, it is unfair to think that a mass-produced mattress will stand up to the same luxury standards as that of a Duxiana mattress.

The Duxiana Premiere Model DUX 818

The flagship product of Duxiana mattresses is the DUX 818. It boasts adjustable comfort zones, providing customizable lumbar support, as well as the trademark extra “Xupport” which is only available from the company. As a luxury sleep product, this is the ultimate in both comfort and support, and is available in most popular bed sizes.

For the Ultimate in Adjustability, The DUX Axion

Available only in a long twin and Queen size model, the DUX Axion bed incorporates the finest in sleep quality with the ability to adjust the bed at both had and foot, similar to what can be found in hospital and clinical situations. For people who are forced to spend a great deal of time in their bed, the DUX Axion provides an unsurpassed quality combined with high quality European workmanship. Adjustments to the bed are easy to make with simple fingertip controls.

DUX 212 – A Deeper Mattress for Luxury Sleep

This model is unique in that it uses an extra thick mattress, providing a level of personal body contouring that is not available from a standard thickness mattress. As with the other models, Swedish steel springs and personal comfort adjustability are available. For people who have a difficult time sleeping well on traditional mattresses, the DUX 212 is likely to be the perfect solution. This DUX bed is available in several popular bedding sizes, Twin-long, Queen, King, and California King.

DUX 010 Offers Dual Sleep Comfort Zones

The DUX 010 takes personal sleep comfort to the highest level. It includes the features of the DUX 818, listed above, with independent controls for each side of the bed. This makes luxury sleep for a couple possible, regardless of differing preferences in sleep support and contouring. Available in Twin, Twin-long, Queen, King, and California King sizes, the DUX 010 is engineered to provide years of perfect sleep.

Although, it is possible to purchase a bed at a much lower price than what you would expect to pay for a bed with a Duxiana mattress, when you stop to consider that DUX beds are intended to be the last bed you ever buy, the cost become much more reasonable, as there are no recurring replacement costs.

Duxiana mattresses have removable Xupport top pad, which allows for the occasional replacement of the top pad. Proper care and maintenance of the top pad is very important to its longevity. Because the top of The DUX Bed will wear more rapidly than steel coils, the removable top pad is designed to be replaced when it wears out. The life of a top pad will vary from one sleeper to the next as each person’s sleep environment and sleep habits are unique. To help extend the life of your top pad you should turn and rotate it monthly; this will help the top pad wear more evenly. Many owners keep their DUX Bed for 20 years or more, and simply replace the top pad every few years as needed.