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Duxiana Mattress Reviews

When you only want the very best in your bedroom, it is time to explore a few Duxiana mattress reviews and explore options that you may have never known were out there. Not only is each Dux mattress made by hand to ensure top quality in every single bed, but they don’t look the typical mattress you are used to walking into a store and purchasing. To get an idea of what these beds are actually like you need to really lie down on one and run your hands over the luxurious fabrics they offer. So, what exactly does the world’s most comfortable bed have to offer these days?

Dux bed reviews are all positive in every possible way. These are the beds of royalty, and the people who are pampered enough to sleep on them will never accept anything less in this lifetime. In fact, most reviews of Duxiana mattresses state that these mattresses are unlike anything most people have ever experienced before. To get an idea of what the luxury of such a mattress offers, consider a few of the top models marketed in the United States.

The Dux 818 is made with an extraordinary number of high quality coils, all made from strong Swedish steel. This high number is not a matter of showing off, but allows the mattress to conform to the body and keep the body in proper alignment as you sleep. This delivers an extremely comfortable night of sleep that allows you to wake up pain and ache free.

There are also two handles located at the foot of the bed, which allow you to adjust the level of lumbar support on each side of the bed. Inside the mattress, each side of the bed can also be customized according to Pascal Perfect Comfort Zones. These zones are located at the shoulder, lower back, and leg regions and can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

Each mattress also comes with a removable top latex pad covered with high quality cotton. This 2.5 inch topper adds to the overall comfort of the mattress and can be replaced at any time.

Two other models that receive a lot of praise in mattress reviews is the adjustable Dux Axion and the deep springs of the Dux 212. It really doesn’t matter which model you decide on, you will simply be blown away by the amazing details thrown into these innovative beds. Duxiana mattress reviews are by far the most interesting to read because of the excited enthusiasm that these mattresses spark in people lucky enough to own one.