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Dux 818 Mattresses

The DUX 818 is where you turn when you want the absolute best and will not settle for anything less. This mattress is way out of the league of the top brands that most consumers are used comparing. With each mattress being handmade in Sweden from top Swedish materials, you simply cannot compare the Duxiana 818 mattress to the top brands that you are used to shopping for at local stores. This bed also has a unique security compartment included which contains a handheld fire extinguisher, and can also be used to store valuables.

Since a Dux mattress can only be purchased from exclusive Duxiana stores, how are you to know if this may be the perfect mattress for you?

While many people will read about the DUX 818 by Duxiana and think that they would love to have one in their own home, most people will not be able to afford the luxury that is provided by this brand. Since each bed is made by hand in Sweden and the features offered are highly unique to the brand, there are obvious reasons that they come at such a high cost. Yet, there are consumers out there who find the comfort and luxury to be completely worth every penny it takes to own the best mattress that money can possibly buy.

The DUX 818 bed has four times the number of coils that most other luxury beds offer, and each one is made of extremely high quality Swedish steel. These coils allow the mattress to conform to your body, but the real support comes from the adjustable lumbar support that is available on both sides of the bed. With the simple turn of a handle located at the foot of the bed, the level of support offered on each side of the bed is adjusted to your specific requirements.

Adding even more personalization on each side of the bed, the Perfect Comfort Zone system allows different settings to be chosen not only for each side, but for three different areas of the mattress. The shoulder, lower back, and leg regions of the mattress can be set to whatever settings suit the sleeper for that side of the bed.

With the ability to personalize every aspect of support on the DUX 818 bed, it is hands down the most comfortable mattress money can buy. While everyone who comes across this bed would love to have one, very few people can actually afford to go out and pay for one. As long as that is true, the DUX will remain the most envied bed in the world.