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DUX 212 Mattress

If your idea of a good night of sleep is plush memory foam that conforms to every angle of your body and provides superior personalized support, you need to be introduced to the DUX 212 mattress.

The unique features offered from this innovative brand name provide personalized conformity like no other mattress, but if you want to bring that innovative technology into your home and experience the best night of sleep in your life you will have to visit an exclusive Duxiana showroom to make a purchase. Yet, what makes this mattress in particular worth the hassle of hunting down a showroom or a reputable online seller just to purchase a bed?

What makes the DUX 212 bed stands out in today’s market is the high level of personalization that is incorporated into the mattress. Instead of just offering different levels of firmness like other luxury lines of bedding do, the DUX bed allows you to select specific settings for three different zones in the bed. The shoulder, lower back, and leg regions on each side of the bed can be changed around so that each sleeper receives the correct amount of support in each of these areas for their individual bodies.

That is the most individual support that a mattress has ever been able to offer, and it is presented here with separate settings for each side of the bed. That alone would be worth thousands of dollars to many consumers, but there are other features that make it even more worth the investment.

The 212 mattress by Duxiana also comes with an extremely high count of strong Swedish coils, giving it the ability to hug to your every curve and cradle you with support and comfort all through the night. Many other mattresses claim to relieve tense pressure points so that you move around less and sleep deeper, but this is possibly the only mattress out there that actually delivers on that promise 100%.

While features such as these make DUX mattresses the dream of people all over the world, they are out of reach for many consumers who simply cannot afford them. If you have the money to make the investment and only what the absolute best for your home and your body, then this is hands down the best mattress you could possibly spring for.

For everyone else, the DUX 212 mattress will likely remain a dream for some time to come, but that does not mean there aren’t luxury beds out there in a price range you can afford. Look at consumer reviews for other top brands, such as Kingsdown and Tempurpedic for comfort at a more reasonable price.