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Dux 010 Mattresses

The DUX 010 mattress is the basic model in the Duxiana line of extreme luxury bedding. This model features all of the high quality and extreme comfort features that the brand name is known for, but leaves off the more advanced features that are found on some of the other models.

As the introductory model in the line it can be purchased at a lower price, but it remains in a higher price range than many consumers can reasonably afford. So, what features are included in this introductory model of the Duxiana bedding line?

The DUX 010 bed is made up of extremely strong Swedish steel coils, and each mattress includes twice as many as you will find in any other brand of luxury bedding. The extremely high coil count is a result of years of highly technical research which revealed the number of coils determines how well the body will be cradled and supported during the night. The higher coil count allows the DUX mattress to contour to the shape of each individual sleeper and keep their body in proper alignment.

Each DUX 010 mattress comes with a two part base in which the many coils are properly positioned to support and comfort the body no matter how many (or how few) hours you spend lying down. The top layer is a removable and replaceable latex pad that adds the extra support and comfort that is raved about in many consumer reviews. This pad is 2.5 inches of latex foam and is covered in an extremely soft high quality cotton case.

Though the DUX 010 by Duxiana is the most basic model in the line and does not offer the highly advanced features that are found on other models, it remains the best mattress for many consumers. It still delivers extreme comfort on a mattress that will last for many years to come, and it is the most affordable option available from this manufacturer.

When you add in that each DUX 010 mattress is handmade in Sweden with strict guidance to ensure top notch quality control, it is easy to see why so many consumers name this bed as the one they would pick in a dream world where money was no obstacle. While there is no real competition on the market right now for the DUX, there are other high quality mattresses on the market for consumers who want the best but simply cannot afford it.