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Crib Mattress Reviews

Deciphering what you read about in crib mattress reviews can be a real headache for parents. As parents we want the best for our baby but how do you decide on the best crib mattress? The answer is to understand the basic elements of what makes a good mattress - everything else can then be ignored as it's just sales hype.

First, it's important to know that there are two types available – innerspring and foam. Innerspring crib mattresses are comprised of steel coils that are topped with foam. Some can be topped with latex or memory foam. The main advantage of this type of mattress over foam only mattresses is its longevity. A good innerspring mattress lasts for many years.

Foam mattresses are comprised solely of foam - foam, latex, or memory foam. Each type has certain things going for it. Ordinary foam has been around for decades. It’s the cheapest option and it does its job. Latex has also been around for years though it wasn’t very popular until the last few years.

Many like the way latex conforms to the shape of the body and that it dissipates heat well, making it cool to sleep on. Memory foam has exploded onto the market in recent years. It’s the ultimate in conforming to the body shape of the sleeper. Its main disadvantage is cost; it’s usually the most expensive option for a crib mattress.

Both innerspring and foam crib mattresses now come in organic versions and are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Usually made from usually cotton, wool, natural latex, and soy bean foam many parents see them as safer for baby and more environmentally friendly, using natural and sustainable materials.

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When reading through crib mattress reviews ignore the ‘fluff’ and concentrate on the basics. If the review claims the mattress is organic then does it state what certificate it has? Does it have a Global Organic Textile Standard? If not, then move on.

Likewise, if the foam mattress is stated as being made of high-density foam, does the review explain what its density is? A good density for a crib foam mattress is around 1.5 pounds per cubic foot. If not then how much does it weigh? A typical foam mattress weighs around 8 lbs. A good, high-density foam, memory foam or latex mattress can weigh up to 20 lbs.

When reading reviews on innerspring crib mattress pay attention to both coil count and coil gauge.  The number of coils should be between 135 to 150 and the gauge (think of the wire) of the springs should be 15.5 or lower – the lower the gauge the thicker the wire, the firmer the mattress.

Does the review mention if the innerspring mattress features venting holes? A good innerspring crib mattress will have.

Finally, how does the mattress compare price-wise to other, similar mattresses. Look for crib mattress reviews that offer price comparisons.

You can spend anywhere from under a $100 to many hundreds of dollars on your baby’s mattress. The amount you spend ultimately rests on the type of mattress, the materials used and how much you can afford.