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Craftmatic Adjustable Mattress

The mattresses used in Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are made from high quality materials.   The technology used is one of the many reasons why a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed provides superior comfort. The fact that the mattress is made specifically for the adjustable bed is just one of the reasons for many decades of the Craftmatic brands decades of success.  

Adjustable Mattress Construction

Craftmatic mattresses are uniquely constructed to accommodate the extra strain incurred from the thousands of flexes that the adjustable bed goes through during its lifetime.  The mattress construction process ensures that the adjustable mattress components don’t shift or interfere with each other while the bed is being adjusted.

Benefits of Adjustability

The electric beds also offer heat and massaging options. The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain, as well as muscle pain associated with stress and tension, that can help melt away the stress of a long day.  The most talked about feature, however, is the bed’s ability to adjust to any setting that the user desires.  There are options for sleeping with head and chest elevated which may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of hiatus hernia, acid reflux, or even light and occasional snoring.  Sleeping with the feet in an elevated position may temporarily reduce the effects of back pain or swelling of the extremities.

Why Over a Million Chose Craftmatic

Aside from superior construction of the mattress and bed frame, Craftmatic beds provide so much more than a good night’s sleep.  Craftmatic Adjustable Beds can improve your lifestyle by making it easier to accomplish things you do every day.  Elevate your upper body when watching TV or reading in bed instead of cramming lumpy pillows behind you which can leave your back and neck sore. If the day has you beat, climb into bed and switch on the heat and massage options before you slip off into dream land.  The massage options stimulate the entire body, from head to toe, and come with an automatic timer so it shuts off after you drift off to sleep.

Sleeps Cooler

It is clinically proven that you sleep better when you sleep at cooler temperatures.  Foam and air beds have trouble with air flowing through them, therefore they retain heat longer.  Innersprings sleep 28% cooler than other surfaces therefore making them better from this perspective.  Excerpts from a press release a few years ago…an article reflecting the results of a ‘sleeping cool’ study reports that recent research conducted shows that innerspring mattresses dissipated heat approximately 28% better than non-innerspring sleep surfaces. In addition, according to thermal imaging studies conducted showed, innerspring mattresses sleep cooler because their surfaces cool at an accelerated rate compared to non-innerspring mattresses. These findings are important because sleep experts widely agree that body temperature affects the circadian rhythm of sleep. The elevation of body temperature makes sleep difficult because the deepest sleep occurs when the body’s temperature is at its lowest level of the day.

Research and Development

Extensive testing was conducted in 15 separate categories with innerspring going against visco foam beds and air beds.  The results indicated that the type of innerspring mattress made for the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed performed the best with the most consistent data.  Things like firmness retention, height change, pressure points, and core support retention were tested just to name a few.

Active Support

The type of mattress in a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed has innersprings that provide a dynamic response to natural body movement and reacts intelligently to individual body contours. One of the latest advancements in sleep surface technology, the mattress actually becomes firmer for needed support as weight is applied. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you dream. Dr. Caleb Browning at the Manufacturing facility Idea Center that developed the innerspring for the Craftmatic Adjustable Mattress was recently interviewed by Esquire Magazine. They wanted to know what mattress was actually better for intimacy.  If you consider that innerspring beds give back 5 times the amount of energy than foam or air, it is clear that from that perspective innersprings are clearly better.

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