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Colgate Visco-Classica Mattress

Take the award winning features of the Classica I mattress and combine it with high quality memory foam and you have nothing less than the Colgate Visco-Classica mattress. While the Classica I mattress set the standard to be reckoned with in the baby mattress industry, it has now been taken into the modern world with the addition of memory foam. Yet, there is something else that makes this mattress stand out from all others on the market right now.

The Classica Visco crib mattress has a different firmness level on each side. That means parents get the value of the firm sleeping surface an infant needs in the early years along with a softer, more comfortable surface that toddlers often prefer. This completely eliminates the hassle of purchasing a new mattress when it comes time to transfer from the crib to the toddler bed.

On one side of the Colgate Visco mattress is the traditional foam used in the original Classica I mattress. This is firm foam that gives the support needed for a tiny growing infant. On other side is a layer of memory foam which delivers a softer, more comforting sleeping surface.

Memory foam is one of the most sought after materials used in adult beds, so it was only a matter of time before makers of children’s mattresses caught on as well. The Visco Classica foam mattress takes what was already an award winning crib mattress cherished by parents and professional reviewers alike and turned it into an even more useful, handy mattress that parents can use for many years.

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This just proves that Colgate is the mattress manufacturer to look to when it comes to keeping with the times and making the absolute best products for the littlest sleepers in the family.

Parents have long appreciated their ability to tune into the changes of modern parenting and adapt to their needs. Adding the comfort of memory foam while leaving the firm surface from the original foam mattress has received rave reviews.

The Colgate Visco-Classica mattress is hands down one of the best mattresses you can purchase for a newborn. Not only will it give the firm support your child needs when you first bring them home, but it will grow with them and remain comfortable for many years.

While the price may be a little higher than cheap mattresses on the market, it will also last much longer without having to be replaced due to an uncomfortable sleeping surface for a growing toddler.