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Colgate Ultra Mattress

Who says proper spinal alignment is only for adults? The Colgate Ultra mattress challenges the premise that aches and pains come only with age. In this mattress you will find an innerspring system designed for orthopedic alignment for the youngest of all sleepers. Babies have sensitive growing bodies that need a lot of care, and the features packed into this little mattress deliver much of what their little bodies demand.

For starters, the Ultra II mattress by Colgate is a high quality innerspring mattress that can be purchased either with a 150 coil count or a lower 117 coil count. The difference will determine the firmness of the mattress and the overall durability; so many parents prefer the 150 count.

Stretched over top of the innerspring support system is an insulating pad made from natural coir fiber. This is a very durable material that will protect the springs over time and deliver more comfort on the top sleeping surface.

The Colgate Ultra Coil mattress also has a waterproof cover that is triple laminated to ensure it is strong enough to hold up even to toddler feet stomping all over.

Your baby’s mattress is likely to receive more kicking and jumping than any other bed in your home, and ones that are made cheaply tend to tear around the edges or even in the center areas of the cover. The covers made by Colgate are laminated repeatedly so that they hold up better even to a growing toddler no longer tolerant of the crib.

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That is exactly when most parents consider moving the crib mattress into a toddler bed, and then eventually into a day bed.

The Ultra mattress is designed for easy transfer and grows along with your child and since it is not an overly firm surface it remains comfortable for toddlers as well as infants.

For even more comfort and support for your little one, try to find the Colgate Cradletyme Deluxe Ultra II mattress.

You get all the comfort and the same orthopedically correct innerspring system, but the Colgate Deluxe Ultra II mattress goes the extra mile to deliver a comfortable and supportive night of rest to your little one.

The Colgate Ultra mattress is designed for parents who know the value of giving their little one a great night of sleep.

Parents who like the idea of only having to buy one mattress that can be used for many years are also drawn to the Ultra line.