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Colgate Natural Mattress

You live your life trying to be kind to the environment and keep your home a safe, healthy place for your children, and there is no reason the crib mattress that your little one will spend hour after hour relaxing on should not live up to those standards as well. The Colgate Natural mattress line has been carefully designed to include natural materials that improve the world around your baby, instead of robbing it of valuable resources.

Colgate Natural mattresses are made from environmentally friendly and highly sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, coconut shell husks, and plant based foams. Other renewable resources and environmentally friendly products are included as well, but the plant based foam is the highlight of the Colgate organic mattress line.

Common foams that are used in bedding are often made with petroleum, which remains inside the mattress. There are other gases that are sometimes a result of the manufacturing process as well, and some of them are believed to be released into your home as you sleep.

Using plant based foams and leaving out these chemicals is a huge way to protect the extremely fragile immune systems of the infants who have to sleep on these mattresses.

The ultra firm sleeping surface that comes with other infant crib mattresses by Colgate, such as the Classica I is still available in these mattresses, though some models include extra layers of foam to provide even more comfort as your baby grows and demands a slightly softer suface.

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The top covers of each Colgate Natural crib mattress are waterproof to help clean up those little accidents that are bound to happen from time to time, but they are made from bamboo.

Even the binding on the cloth is extra strong, ensuring that all of these natural ingredients will hold strong for years. As long as your little one needs a soft, nurturing place to rest their head, Colgate will be there to support them.

Consumer mattress ratings back up the claims of these natural resource mattresses, not only for the amazing care that is taken to ensure the safety and health of babies but for the comfort and longevity of the mattress designs as well.

When you want only the best for your baby and are concerned with the world they will grow up to live in, the Colgate Natural mattress is the obvious selection for your nursery.