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Colgate Mattresses

For infants, the Colgate mattress may be the best known name in the field. It has received top ratings with leading consumer magazines, and has even helped to set the standards by which the ratings are made. A Colgate crib mattress is light weight, shaped to fit the crib more snugly, and is made of non-allergenic materials. Because Colgate is a leading supplier of infant and child bedding, there are several product lines to choose from.

Colgate Classica Mattress

The popular Colgate Classica mattress line is available in three models, The Classica I, II, and III. Classica I uses extra firm foam, while the Classica II uses a less resistant, liquid-proof material. And the Classica III is a Colgate 2-in-1 crib mattress, one side is extra firm for infant support while the other is less firm to be more comfortable for toddlers.

Colgate Ultra Mattress

Another popular line is the Colgate Ultra line, which is composed of models I and II. Ultra I is an orthopedic inner spring mattress designed for infants, and uses natural coir fiber insulators for comfort. The Ultra II can transform with your child from the crib to a toddler mattress and later into a daybed. It is made with a 150 coil orthopedic style innerspring unit.

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Colgate Ultimate

For the best quality infant mattress available, take a look at the Colgate Ultimate. It begins with a liquid -resistant outer cover, and is made to be extra durable. The cover is hospital grade and anti-microbial. On the inside, a unique innerspring system uses four different coil types to distribute weight and provide a soothing night's rest for your infant. Edge coils, corner coils and free-end offset coils in both left and right hand turn styles provide superior safety and positioning.

Colgate Aristocrat

The most economical of the Colgate Crib mattresses, a Little Aristocrat uses standard coil innersprings, a border rod, natural cotton batting, and a durable liquid proof cover to give your baby a sound night's sleep. Great for new families on a budget, the Little Aristocrat measures 52”x28”x6”.

Colgate Natural Mattress

The Natural I Colgate mattress is made with eco-friendly materials, including the coir fiber from coconuts, all organic cotton, and other renewable materials. The cover is certified organic, and the coir fiber has cotton cushioning for a longer mattress life. Even among adult mattresses, very few are as friendly towards the environment as a Colgate Natural.