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Colgate Foam Mattresses

You want the best for your new baby and would do whatever it takes to keep them safe and sound. While you crawl through your house looking for dangers apparent only to the hyper curious among us, remember that what you lay them down on at naptime is just as important as the corner guards you stick onto the end tables in every other room of the house.

There is a benefit to buying a high quality crib mattress that was designed with the love and care your baby deserves. While you are doing the required research to find the best deal on the best mattress for your crib, make sure to give the Colgate foam mattress a good look.

Colgate foam mattresses are designed with the safety and overall health of babies in mind. The foam inside the mattress gives an ultra firm feeling to the sleeping surface, which is the best level of firmness for a newborn infant. They need more support in or to stay stable while sleeping, and a sense of security is also developed.

The corners on the Colgate Classica I foam mattress are square, which allows it to fit into a crib easier than other mattresses with rounded corners. Rounded corners may be a little easier when it comes to changing seats, but square corners fit closer to the crib which makes it a safer sleeping arrangement for a growing baby that may roll around some.

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Another safety feature is the vinyl cover, which is an anti-dust surface. This material will keep your crib a safe place for the air that your baby will be breathing in.

While square corners and a vinyl cover may seem like minor issues, they are actually big concerns when it comes to a mattress designed for the littlest human beings on earth.

You want the corners to fit close to the crib so little hands and feet cannot get stuck, and the last thing you want is for a layer of dust to form over the top of the mattress.

The Colgate crib foam mattress is hands down the best mattress on the market for infants, but there is one other option from Colgate that may be slightly better. They make a 2-n-1 mattress which is designed to easily transition from the crib into a toddler bed.

They basically took the Colgate foam mattress described here and added a softer sleeping surface on the reverse side, giving the comfort that is required for a growing toddler with a simple flip of the mattress.