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Colgate EcoClassica 1

Petroleum is a very common ingredient in mattresses, and that is a scary fact for parents looking to purchase a new crib mattress for a new baby.

The Colgate EcoClassica I mattress takes this issue on directly and uses all natural plant based materials in place of materials that usually put the petroleum into mattresses.

While this is a huge safety concern that puts many parents at ease, it is also a welcomed addition to the market for consumers who care for the environment. Some petroleum may remain to a small degree in the Colgate EcoClassica mattress, but the large part of it has been removed by using materials that come from natural plant matter.

This plant material also happens to be more sustainable, renewable, and much easier on our planet. For parents with a green perspective of the world, this sets the Colgate EcoClassica natural mattress miles ahead of any other crib mattress.

So, how does the EcoClassica mattress from Colgate actually perform? It is actually very similar to the Colgate Classica mattress, just with different types of foam. This is a firm mattress designed for newborns that need a strong support to hold their fragile bodies in place. Parents will not have to worry about their baby rolling over into a too plush sleeping surface with this mattress.

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Keeping with the eco-friendly driven design, the EcoClassica also has a soft cover made from bamboo. This is another all natural material that is extremely soft and will not scratch infant skin. It also adds extra comfort and softness to the overall mattress.

Cloth binding around the seams ensures the mattress is not going to fall apart in the short term, making it a durable mattress that could easily be used not only during the infant years but well into the toddler years as well.

All aspects of manufacturing the Colgate EcoClassica I mattress are also monitored to ensure that the environment is protected to the greatest extent possible.

Paying attention to carbon emissions and other green issues is not something that most mattress manufacturers are doing these days, and that makes this mattress by far one of the best purchases for consumers who want to make a difference in the world. After all, you give great care to picking out the best mattress for your own bedroom, why would you not do the same for your child?