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Colgate Crib Mattress

How much time did you spend picking out the theme for your new baby’s room? How often do you go to stores browsing through baby clothing, searching for bottles with the safest type of plastic, and buying booties and hats to keep your newborn warm and safe from germs?

Most new parents spend ample amounts of time doing all of these things as well as preparing their home to be a safe environment for the little one soon to join them, but most parents give very little thought to the mattress they put inside their crib.

Often, it is the cheapest mattress they can find at local stores that they lay their baby down on night after night, while high quality mattresses such as the Colgate crib mattress are given little consideration.

With all the other expenses a baby requires it is understandable that most parents do not think a mattress is something to really spend big on, but when you consider how many hours a baby sleeps every day it only makes sense that the material they are sleeping on be safe, supportive, and comfortable.

After all, they cannot speak for themselves when something is not right with their mattress, unless you count screaming at their parents for hours on end.

Colgate crib mattresses use high quality materials to design some of the best innerspring and foam crib mattresses being manufactured today. They even have a line of natural mattresses that take advantage of the safest materials in the bedding world.

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Whether an innerspring or foam Colgate crib bed is the best mattress for your little one is another question that deserves serious consideration. The Colgate Classica is the foam mattress collection and it includes four different models.

The Colgate I mattress has been rated number one by consumers in the past, but the Visco-Classica is the most luxurious of the line. It includes the extra firm foam included in the Colgate I but also includes a layer of soft memory foam to add an extra hint of softness to the mattress.

For those more interested in a high quality innerspring mattress, the Colgate Ultra Collection offers an impressive seven different models to choose from.

With coil counts adequate to support growing bodies to beautiful quilt coverings that add interest to the nursery, there is something for every family in this line-up. They even include a 2-n-1 mattress that is designed to easily transfer from the crib to the toddler bed, and the 3-n-1 which is designed to also transition into a day bed.

You spend so much time picking out safe laundry detergents to wash your baby’s clothing in, why would you not look for a high quality Colgate crib mattress to lay them down on at night?