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Colgate Classica I Mattress

The Colgate Classica I mattress has been rated the best in the industry by consumer magazines and parents alike. Made from a well known name brand that has been manufacturing baby beds for many years, this is one mattress that delivers everything a baby needs in their mattress without all the frills. For a foam based crib mattress, you simply cannot go wrong with this choice.

The Colgate Classica 1 has a firm sleeping surface that delivers the support that a younger baby needs to feel stable and secure. Babies need extra support and a surface that is too soft can present dangers during the night. A surface that is firm yet still comfortable is the best option for the first year or so of life.

Other features of the Colgate Classica I crib mattress also prove that it was designed with the safety of a small baby in mind. The corners are pointed, which allows it to fit more snug into a crib then mattresses with curved corners.

While curved corners do make changing sheets a little easier, parents are more comfortable with the pointed corners of the Classica crib because it is less likely a child’s arm or leg will get down between the crib and mattress and get stuck.

The Classica 1 crib mattress also comes with a non-allergenic cover that is triple laminated. This adequately protects the baby from petroleum or other chemicals that parents often worry may be present in foams inside a mattress.

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This also makes the sleeping surface more resistant to moisture. It is a given that there will be some moisture in a baby’s bed from time to time, so this is a nice feature for a crib mattress.

The vinyl cover over the Colgate Classica I foam mattress also protects the sleep surface from dust build-up, which can be a serious concern for many parents.

This is especially a concern when allergies run in the family, as an allergic reaction to dust in an infant can be quite traumatic.

Overall, the Colgate Classica I mattress covers all the basic concerns that parents have when they put their new baby down to rest. While there is nothing truly innovative about this mattress, it is a great baby mattress that was designed for the safety of young babies.

For that, parents and professionals in the field alike have given it top ratings over all over mattresses.