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Chattam & Wells Mattress

If you're looking for a beautifully made mattress that combines new technology and materials with the romantic styles and attention to detail of a bygone era, then a Chattam Wells mattress is for you.

Each mattress is constructed using a 12-¾ Gauge Double Offset Innerspring Unit. The innerspring unit provides the best foundation for the luxurious materials that are the hallmark of a Chattam & Wells bed.

Other features that distinguish a Chattam and Wells mattress from the competition are the unique Chattam Edge - a crafted series of foam inserts that provide edge-to-edge support, anti-bacterial cashmere - maintains loft better than polyester and is also better at whisking away body heat, Belgian Damask ticking - the fabric that covers the mattress and the foundation. The whole mattress is beautifully presented with embroidered handles and solid metal corner guards.

There are numerous mattresses by Chattam & Wells, each belonging to one of three main collections.

Chattam & Wells Crown Collection

This is the entry-level collection but don't allow yourself think that you won't be getting one of the best mattresses on the market. These fine mattresses feature the heavy gauge innerspring foundation (mentioned above), the Chattam Edge, cashmere padding and inner layers of innertufted cotton

Chattam & Wells Triple Crown Collection

The Triple Crown Collection by Chattam Wells is a step up from the Crown Collection, featuring a higher degree of hand craftsmanship and construction refinements. In addition you also get the Chattam portrait edge and hand assembled, 8-way hand tied foundations.

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Chattam & Wells Royal European Collection

If you want the best mattress from Chattam & Wells then look at the Royal European Collection. Offering an extraordinary level of luxury and comfort achieved by using only the best of everything including foams, dual encased inner springs, inner tufted cotton layers and an 8 way hand tied foundation. You will not find a better mattress then a Chattam and Wells mattress from the Royal European Collection. The Chattam & Wells "Luxe III" Firm European Pillowtop Mattress Set is the epitome of comfort and elegance.

Chattam & Wells is for those who want the best mattress money can buy. If you want up-to-the-minute technology and materials but appreciate Old World craftsmanship then you won't be disappointed. This company prides itself on making the best and it shows.