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Chattam Wells Electric Blankets

While spending around a hundred dollars on a blanket may have seemed outrageous to many consumers just a year ago, the current economic downturn has made the Chattam Wells electric blanket a good investment for most homes. The ability to turn on a safe, low voltage blanket and stay toasty warm every night without running up the heating bill is something worth looking into, no matter how tight your budget may be at the moment.

Chattam and Wells electric blankets have received a lot of attention for being the safest on the market, thanks to their ability to deliver adequate heat while using less than 25 volts of power.

That is a huge improvement over the 120 volts that electric blankets sold in the United States used prior to Chattam and Wells bringing their unique low voltage blanket to the market. This lower voltage is achieved by a box that comes with the blanket which changes the voltage from the 120 volts of a standard wall plug down to 25 .

What makes this lower voltage Chattam Wells heated blanket safer than other electric blankets? The heat is adequate to warm up your bed in less than fifteen minutes, but will not allow the bed to overheat or become hot to the touch.

It also shuts itself off automatically after ten hours, which can prevent a house fire in the event the blanket is forgotten about and left on for an extended period of time.

All Chattam and Wells electric blankets are extremely soft and comfortable and are designed with less interference from large inner wires that often weigh down electric blankets.

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Whatever size bed you want to warm, there is a Chattam & Wells heated electric blanket that will deliver all the comfort of a heated home, without running up the electric bill.

There are travel sized blankets as well, which are great for lounging on the couch watching television as well as taking with you on the go.

Beyond being extremely safe, these electric blankets are extremely plush and soft to the touch. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so fitting them into your bedroom d├ęcor can be done easily.

There has never been a better time to invest in a Chattam Wells electric blanket, given the need fro every household to cut back and save a few bucks wherever possible.

A high quality electric blanket will keep your bed warm for years to come without the safety hazards commonly associated with these blankets.