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Chattam & Wells Chateau Mattresses

The innerspring mattress has officially been taken into the modern world of bedding with the Chattam & Wells Chateau Double Pillow Top. Not only is the popular pillow top doubled for more comfort than you could ever ask for, but the materials used inside the mattress are just as impressive.

While innerspring mattresses continue to sell off the shelves, few are backed up by both latex and foam layers. It is quite impressive to look through each layer of this bed and see the efforts that have been taken in the name of luxury and comfort, but all you will notice is how soft and ultra plush the sleeping surface is.

One thing you have to realize about the Chattam & Wells Chateau pillow top is that a double pillow top means extreme softness.

If you desire any firmness in your mattress or need superior body support this is likely not the option for you. The pillow topper that sits on top of the mattress is doubled in thickness, creating plush softness like never before. For some people this means drifting away in a cloud night after night, for others it can be uncomfortable.

Further, this is a euro style pillow top, which means instead of being sewn to the mattress top from the bottom and creating that pillow top ledge of sorts, the edges have all been sewn down to the mattress. You will be able to sleep on the entire sleeping surface just as you would any other mattress.

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Inside the mattress, you will find enough support for sleepers who enjoy a really soft mattress, but with all of the extra pillow topping you will not feel as much of the firm support.

Rest assured that it is there regardless! Each Chattam Wells Chateau mattress is designed with a “pocket in pocket” innerspring system where the coils are doubled in a unique fashion. This allows for more support and enables the mattress to cradle to the body more than the coils used in most innerspring mattresses.

Like other high end beds, there are not a lot of consumer mattress reviews giving feedback on the Chattam & Wells Chateau Double Pillow Top mattress.

This is not due to the quality of the mattress, but more than likely a result of less people being able or willing to pay the higher price that Chattam and Wells luxury provides. This is one of the most comfortable pillow tops on the market and they are durable for the long term as well.