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Chattam & Wells Chalice Pillow Top Mattresses

Everything is bigger and better with the Chattam & Wells Chalice pillow top mattress. From the level of soft comfort to the supportive materials inside, everything that you will find on other luxury mattresses is taken to a new extreme with this mattress set. So, what exactly do you get when you purchase a high end mattress set like this one?

The Chalice pillow top from Chattam & Wells has a total of 5 inches of latex, as well as an inch of high quality foam. Several different types and densities of latex are used to achieve an overall softness that is hard to beat. Add in the extra plush pillow top and you have comfort taken to the absolute extreme.

All of those layers of comforting materials are backed up by uniquely a unique coil system that was designed to properly support your body for hours. With a close to 800 coil count in the queen sized mattress and over 1000 in the king, the support you receive at every point of your body is superior to most other mattresses being offered right now.

These coils are designed with a unique Pocket in Pocket system through the middle section of the mattress. Since pillow tops tend to be more comforting and less supportive than other options, this extra coil support in the middle zone allows your body to be supported even with the extra padding.

The most impressive feature of the Chattam Wells pillow top mattress is all of the latex layers provided. Many latex mattresses actually have very little latex inside, so having five inches spread throughout the entire mattress makes this set stand out from the crowd. Also, since several different types of latex are used the overall comfort is enhanced even more.

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Mattress ratings online are largely in favor of the Chattam Wells Chalice mattress because it is made of high quality materials that really deliver all the comfort that the price tag promises.

Also, higher quality materials means a longer life span, which in turn equals out to a longer period of time before you have to go through the long process of buying yet another new bed.

In fact, many consumers who go with a Chattam and Wells latex bed go twenty years or more without having to even think about making a new purchase.

One other nice feature of the Chattam & Wells Chalice pillow top mattress is that you never have to flip or rotate it. You simply sleep for years in the lap of luxury without worrying about uneven wear that leads to discomfort.