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Sensus Mattress Topper - A High Quality Memory Foam Pad

Sensus foam is manufactured through a special process that is patented exclusively to Foamex. This process makes the foam more sensitive to heat, which in turn allows it to respond to your body and every shift in position...

The 10" Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

Instead of purchases an entirely new mattress, you can turn whatever mattress you already own into a sensual sleeping surface with the addition of a relatively low cost Sensus mattress topper...

Sensus Memory Foam Mattress - A 5lb Density Mattress that is Soft but Durable

While it is not one of the top name brands on the market right now, it is one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy. This is due to the manufacturing process through which it is made...

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Buying a Sensus Mattress or Topper

One of the best names in the memory foam market today is Sensus. This is specially designed foam that far surpasses that used in most of the top name brands, but many consumers remain confused about what exactly makes it so much better than other foams being sold. If you want to buy a Sensus mattress or topper, take a moment to consider what sets it apart in today’s market.

The only difference between Sensus foam and other memory foams used in various other mattress brands is how they are manufactured. Yet, that one distinction changes so much about the resilience and durability of the resulting material that it’s almost as if Sensus is an entirely different material altogether.

Sensus foam is made through a process called Variable Pressure Foaming. Through this exclusive process, the foam becomes more responsive to heat which in turn makes it better able to move with your body during the night. It is also more resistant to permanent body impressions that often become extremely uncomfortable in other types of memory foam bedding. In fact, many people decide to buy a Sensus mattress topper after lesser made memory foam beds become too uncomfortable to sleep in.

If you want to buy a Sensus memory foam mattress, it may be in your best interest to consider purchasing a Sensus topper instead. The same high quality memory foam is used in both the toppers and mattresses, but you can save considerable amount of money by adding a topper to whatever bed you already own.

If it is more appealing to you to purchase a full mattress set, then one of the most popular options is the Sensus 10" Plush memory foam mattress. It is the best mattress for consumers who want a vey soft, plush sleeping surface that cradles and comforts the body from every angle. Since it includes the special memory foam we have talked about here, it will last longer than most other memory foam mattresses and will respond more to every motion you take.

So, should you buy a Sensus mattress or topper? If you want the absolute best type of memory foam currently being offered on the market, then the Sensus brand is definitely one to be considered seriously. Whether you go with a topper or mattress depends on your needs at the time, though toppers are becoming extremely popular thanks to the easy process of replacing them down the road.

Sensus Topper - As Good as any Brand of Memory Foam

Forget those expensive mattress sets that run into the thousands of dollars for a single bed. If you are in need of a more comfortable bed and will settle for nothing less than supreme quality memory foam, then you should...

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