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Buying Pocket Coil Mattress Tips

So, are you planning to buy a pocket coil mattress in the near future? While the decision to purchase this type of bed is not a difficult one to make, there are some things you want to consider before deciding on a specific brand name, and especially on a particular model.

One pocket coil mattress is not necessarily the same as another, as is common with any type of bedding you could ever buy. Here are a couple things to look for while picking out the bets mattress for your home.

The main difference between pocket coil mattresses is the coil density. This simply refers to the number of individually covered coils that are in the bed, and of course the more it has the better.

A higher density means you will have a more cushioned bed with better support for the body, though there are lower density mattresses being made by top name brands that are extremely comfortable with adequate body support.

It isn’t necessarily true that a lower density means low quality, but you do want to make sure you purchase from a respectable name brand if you go with lower density to save on cost.

One of the best brands on the market that makes high quality models at reasonable prices is the Simmons pocket coil mattress. There are different models, ranging from the Classic mattress with an 800 density coil count to the 1960 coil density Exceptionale.

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They are all a good value for the price points, but you will pay more for the extra pocketed coils and other features that come with the higher end models.

The Simmons BeautyRest mattress collection has been on the market for generations and most people have at least heard the name from other people in their lives who have been happily suited to their mattresses for years.

This long standing reputation is something you want to look for when buying a more pricey mattress set, as they have a lot vested in that name and want to do their customers right to continue their long line of success.

A no-name mattress may be a little cheaper, but it will likely not last as long as a BeautyRest mattress, so you will only end up shelling out more money to replace the cheaper mattress in the near future.

One other thing to look for when purchasing a pocket coil mattress is whether the coils are single or double stacked. The double stack will cost more, but offers more bodily support.