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Should You Buy an Intelligel Mattress?

Before you make an investment in some of the newest technology to hit the mattress market and buy an Intelligel mattress, it is important to consider what this technology is and what exactly it offers that other beds might not have.

Is there really a big difference between the gel columns used in these beds and other popular bedding materials, or is it all hype that will die out with time?

The first question that many consumers ask is how does an Intelligel mattress compare to memory foam? Memory foam hit the market to great applause from consumers who instantly fell in love with its ability to conform to their exact body shape and relieve pressure points that often cause a lot of tossing and turning during the night.

Once these consumers got these mattresses home and started sleeping on them it became apparent that the foam held in heat and with time lost its resiliency and formed uncomfortable body impressions.

The gel columns used in the Inelligel mattress are said to perform much like memory foam in that it contours to your body, though it is more resilient and the manner in which it conforms is slightly different from foam.

Instead of just buckling down under your weight, the gel columns hold your body up to a certain weight threshold, then the gel simply flattens out to give the heavier parts of your body more room to comfortably sink into the mattress.

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The “intelligence” of the mattress comes from this ability to give in just the right places while remaining more supportive in other areas. Which parts of the columns collapse down and which stay tall depends on your own body and where your heaviest points tend to be. This provides more support than memory foam is capable of producing, so it does seem to be a better option.

Mattress reviews are starting to come out on the Intellibed and so far they are positive, especially from people who have found superior pain relief and restored their hope of sleeping through the night without waking up in agony.

Yet, it is important to remember that any new technology has to go through the test of time before any flaws or problems come to light. The MyComfort brand has only been on the market for a few years so it is still to be discovered what consumers will think of their Intelligel beds five or ten years after purchase.

The price of an Intelligel mattress does run a little higher than some memory foam beds, but they are cheaper than many high quality latex beds and are similar in quality. Before you buy an Intelligel mattress consider other possible options that could save you a few dollars.