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What Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is one of the best materials being used in beds today, but as with all major purchases it is essential that you know what you are looking for before making a final decision.

Foam is now being offered by almost all major brands, as well as quite a few no name companies in the low end furniture market. If you want to buy the best foam mattress possible, then pay attention to a few critical aspects of each mattress you consider.

A good head start can be gained by looking for the best foam mattress recommendations in consumer reviews. All the information you can dig up on a mattress the better, but you want to especially find out the reputation of the manufacturer, level of sleep comfort, and the expected longevity.

In terms of comfort, some foam mattresses tend to become rather hot during warmer months of the year. While there are improvements coming out that solve the problem to a great extent, it is still something to consider when buying a memory foam mattress.

For longevity, consider the tendency of some foam mattresses to wear thin or leave body compressions in the foam which become uncomfortable over time.

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Again, there are mattresses on the market that do not have as much of a problem with wearing down as others, so make sure you consider this point before purchasing.

Three of the best foam mattresses on the market right now happen to come from manufacturers that have been in the bedding market for years and have earned a great deal of respect. Since they have a reputation for high quality, you may want to consider them first.

Both the Tempurpedic and Sealy TrueForm are designed for more than just comfort, but to relieve body tension and pain as well.

The Tempur cell foam of the Tempurpedic was developed as a result of NASA research and each bed has two layers, one to comfort your body and the other to support it. Both of these beds are designed to keep your body in proper alignment for a healthier night of rest.

The Restonic Healthrest mattress was also based on NASA research, and its foam was designed for more air transfer which gives you a cool night of sleep without getting overheated.

So what is the best foam mattress? The answers depends on your current sleep needs, but remember the key points to look for as you pick out the best foam mattress for your bedroom!