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Which Is The Best Tempurpedic Mattress?

When it comes to selecting the best Tempurpedic mattress, you have to take more than just the features of each mattress into consideration. There is a wide range of pricing when it comes to this brand, and you tend to get a lot more for your money if you are willing to let go of a few extra dollars. The best pick for someone who has a limited budget is going to of course be very different from the best option for someone who can afford the very best Tempurpedic has to offer.

Let’s take a look at the best rated Tempurpedic mattress in the lower and mid price ranges to get a sense of just what is being offered.

The most basic of all Tempurpedic mattresses is the Tempurpedic ClassicBed, though it is still miles ahead of most memory foam mattresses being offered by other well known brands. Selling in the thousand dollar range, this mattress represents two different layers of high density TEMPUR foam material. There is a support layer that offers more firm body support and a comfort layer that is softer and better conforming to the body.

This is basically the bed that put Tempurpedic on the map as the leader in the memory foam mattress industry. The TEMPUR material was the result of years of NASA research and has become known as the best you can purchase, mainly because it is more resilient and longer lasting than most other memory foams that have since been created.

Coming in a couple thousand dollars steeper, the Tempurpedic CelebrityBed ranks as the best Tempurpedic bed, hands down. It utilizes the same TEMPUR material but was designed with pure luxury and pampering in mind. It is a much taller mattress, thanks to extra Tempur cushioning in the super plush pillow top surface.

One perk to the ClassicBed is that the cover can be removed and washed, and that is not a feature of the CelebrityBed. They more than make up for that by blending silky cashmere into the cover to give that extra touch of luxury definitely fit for a celebrity. This cover is also dust mite and allergen free, making it also the best pick for anyone with allergy problems.

The best Tempurpedic mattress ultimately depends on how much you are capable and willing to pay. There is true luxury to be had here, if your budget can stretch into a few thousand dollars for a single queen sized mattress. Of course, there are always great sales through online retailers to cut the cost quite considerably.

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