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The Best Pocket Coil Mattresses

There are many aspects of pocket coil technology that makes it suitable to high quality bedding, but which pocket coil mattress is the best on the market today?

Picking out any type of bedding can get confusing these days with so many competing brands falling within different price ranges, but it’s a little easier when you know from the start that you want a bed designed with pocket coils. This narrows down the selection field considerably, but it still leaves you to figure out the top brands that will hold up to long term use.

Pocket coil mattresses still use the metal coils that have been used in beds for centuries, but each individual coil is wrapped in its own little pocket of comforting materials. This makes for an incredibly soft yet supporting sleep surface which supports your body while delivering extreme comfort.

The sleep surface actually feels very similar to a pillow top mattress, but the comfort and support is created inside the mattress itself instead of sewn on the top as extra layers of padding.

The best pocket coil mattress on the market today is the Simmons pocket coil mattress. These beds conform to your body, allowing you to sink down into the top layers of the mattress as soon as you lay down. As you move throughout the night the mattress moves with you, supporting and cradling every part of your body from every angle.

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Another feature of the bed is the lack of motion transfer from one area of the bed to the other. Since the pocketed coils hug around your body, you are less likely to feel the movements of your bed mate when sharing a bed. Couples really appreciate this feature, as do parents who sleep with fidgety children from time to time.

The best coil mattress from the Simmons brand is by far the Simmons BeautyRest mattress. This line of bedding has been well known and trusted for generations, and now it uses the pocketed coil technology to deliver even more comfort to consumers just like you.

Most people have seen the commercials of bowling ball dropping down onto the bed but failing to knock over pins lined at the bottom, and that amazing capability is a demonstration of what pocketed coils provide in a bed.

When looking for the perfect pocket coil mattress, it is important to consider the integrity of the manufacturer and the durability of the bed. Pocketed coils do not always last as long as other types of bedding, so the durability is a very important factor to consider.