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What is The Best Mattress?

How to choose the best mattress to give you the best night's sleep? With dozens (if not more) brands to choose from and, each brand offering a seemingly endless array of styles, types and 'collections', it can seem impossible to answer the simple question: what is the best mattress?

Well, here's the truth: there's no such thing as the best mattress but if you do your research properly you can find the mattress that best suits your requirements.

Forget the advertisements and claims made by each manufacturer. Instead focus on a few key points and you will find a mattress that is ideal for you. Here are the guidelines you should use before you buy that next mattress.


Sure, companies like Hypnos and Aireloom can claim to make some of the very best mattresses ever made but few of us are prepared to pay in excess of $4,000. Without doubt, deciding on your budget and sticking to it is the best advice you can get when purchasing a mattress. Don't be tempted to go over your budget and buy something you can't afford.

Also, don't think a mattress that costs $500 is going to be inferior to one costing $2,000. The truth is that many mattresses are over-priced; some brands are sold at such inflated prices because of brand recognition. Buying a so-called 'off-brand' can be a great option and should be considered as part of your bedroom design ideas, though with lesser known brands you need to do more research and find out just what the mattresses are made from and what warranty and customer care you can expect.

Compare Like With Like

This may sound obvious but it's pointless comparing a waterbed mattress to that of memory foam. Both are totally different offering the sleeper advantages and disadvantages. It's important that you do your research and find out what each type of mattress offers in the way of comfort. Contrast the types then choose one that you believe offers you want you want. Then, compare the different brands of the same mattress type.

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If you've bought a mattress from a particular company and liked it, chances are, you're best sticking with the same brand. Many brands have good reputations because over many years they've made quality mattresses and offer good customer care. If you see a mattress from a brand you've never heard of you really do need to investigate the brand. If you can't find information (or very little) you may be better advised to look at a brand you have heard of.

Talk To Others

Ask your friends, family and neighbors for advice. The advice is free and is almost always unbiased. And, they might be also able to give you good tips in buying a mattress. You can also ask further afield. There are many forums on the Net - some exclusive talk about nothing but mattresses. Posting a message asking for advice is straightforward and the replies you get will be from real people.

The more effort you put into looking for the right mattress the better night's sleep you're going to get. So, do your initial research and decide on what type of mattress is best, talk to as many people as you can and ask for their advice and, most importantly of all, decide on your budget and never be tempted spend over what you can afford.