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What Is The Best Latex Mattress?

One of the most exciting new materials in the bedding industry is latex. It is a natural substance that comes from the rubber tree and while being healthier for the environment is also healthier for our bodies. This is because it is hypo-allergenic and dust mites and other small bugs cannot live in this material.

If you are searching for a good bed that will be comfortable as well as healthy, then latex is the way to go. Choosing the best latex mattress is not very difficult, once you understand the options and which are best for your current sleep needs.

Just like all types of mattresses, the price ranges vary with the best latex mattresses usually falling a little higher than regular spring mattresses.

Most consumers discover that the difference in price tags is well worth the investment, since a high quality mattress with a solid latex core will easily last years longer than a spring or foam mattress. Besides price, the type of latex used varies by mattress design as well.

If you are searching for the best available, consider one from the Englander Nature’s Finest line. Mattresses made from 100% natural latex can be harder to find and will cost a little more, but they are absolutely essential for consumers who want the real thing or those with serious allergy problems.

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For those who are not stuck on getting an all natural material, the best synthetic latex mattress is the Sealy SpringFree.

These beds still have a solid core made completely of latex, but it is a synthetic material made to mimic all the qualities of natural latex. You still get all of the body conforming comfort and hypo-allergenic features, but with a slightly less expensive material.

For those looking to stick to a budget, the best cheap latex mattress currently on the market is the Serta BodyContour.

Each mattress includes a thick, high density synthetic latex core as well as additional layers of softer, thinner latex. The result is an invigorating night of sleep on a bed that supports and comforts the body without costing a fortune.

Overall, the best latex mattress for one person will not necessarily be right for someone else. It is important to consider the individual sleep needs of anyone who may sleep in the bed and choose according to personal requirements.

Whether you go with a cheaper bed or decide to spare no expense and spring for the best, you will find latex beds to be extremely comfortable as well as durable.