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What Is The Best Air Mattress?

Who says air mattresses are only for camping out on someone’s living room floor? There are several top brands now using air technology to deliver extremely comfortable bedding, without sacrificing the comfort of a regular mattress. There is no question that many people find air mattresses to be the desirable option, but what is the best air mattress on the market today?

There are several different types of air mattresses, so make sure you check into the options before making a final decision. While air beds have been a common choice for turning a spare room into a comfortable guest room in a pinch, there are other options that make air beds suitable for any room in your home and even for regular daily use.

One of the best air mattress brands for consumers who want to take full advantage of air technology is Select Comfort. The Select Comfort air mattress is the sleep by number bed that you have likely already heard of.

These beds use air chambers instead of metal springs. The benefit of these chambers is that you can easily change the firmness of your mattress with the push of a button. You can even set two different firmness levels on each side of the bed, making it perfect for a couple.

This is one of the best air mattresses on the market for those that want the look and feel of any other bed. Sleep needs can change over time, but with this bed you will never have the expense of buying an all new bed if you need a firmer or softer sleeping surface.

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An AeroBed air mattress is another great option. They make a raised bed that looks and feels just like a regular bed, and it can be taken down or put in just minutes.

This is a great option if you like to move your bed around or want to push it out of the way to thoroughly clean underneath.

Adding to current air technology, a Simmons Luxaire mattress includes layers of foam around the air chambers. This provides more of the feel of a regular bed without using metal springs.

You still have the option of changing the firmness with the push of a button, and you can have different firmness on each side of the mattress for couples.

Convinced that the best air mattress for your needs may actually be out there? The next question is to decide where to buy the best air mattress.

Since most stores do not carry the full line of these deluxe air beds, shop around on the internet to find the best deals.