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Bergad versus Tempurpedic

If you are wondering what the main differences are between a Bergad memory foam mattress and the very similar Tempurpedic mattresses, you are not alone. The two brands seem to be very similar in terms of the materials used in their beds and the goal of keeping your body properly aligned, supported, and comforted.

Yet, there is a considerable price difference between these brands, which leads some consumers to assume there must be something lacking the cheaper product. That cheaper product happens to be the Bergad mattress, but is it really of a lower quality or durability than the competing mattress?

While both the Tempurpedic mattress and Bergad Isoform mattress are made with high quality foams designed to relieve pressure points and give proper support and alignment to the body, there is a difference in the foams they use. In many respects, the best mattress turns out to be the American made Bergad bed.

The density of the foam used in all Bergad foam mattresses is higher than in other foam mattresses, including many of the Tempurpedic beds. Each Bergad mattress has multiple layers of the specialized memory foam, each with a different density and purpose.

For example, the Classic bed includes a two pound density supportive foam layer and a five pound density top layer for extreme comfort and support. The Tempurpedic Classic Bed is similar in the amount of foam used, but is much higher priced and is not anymore comfortable or supportive than the lower priced Bergad.

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Where Termpurpedic may take some of the cake is on the number of models offered. The Tempurpedic line does have more models, which presents more choice to the consumer in finding the perfect match for their sleep needs.

The Tempurpedic line also offers different types of mattress tops that are not available through Isoform, such as plush pillow tops.

For consumers looking for an affordable mattress that truly delivers comfort and body support, the Bergad mattresses are going to meet their expectations best.

They last for years without becoming uncomfortable and can really help anyone who suffers from body pain of some sort. The lower prices do not justify the assumption that they are somehow lacking in quality, because that is simply untrue. Though there may not be a lot of models to choose from with the Bergad memory foam mattress line, the ones that are available more than meet the expectation of support, comfort, and longevity for years to come.