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Bergad Isoform Mattresses

Not only is the Bergad Mattress recognized as in industry leader, the company itself is a revolutionary role-model in the memory foam industry. They make an extensive line of memory foam mattresses, and also make custom designs, to fit the more demanding needs of special applications. The viscoelastic foam can be either high or low air flow, with a firmness level that ranges from 3 lbs to 300 lbs.

The Bergad Isoform Mattress is also friendly towards the environment. Bergad uses an exclusive foam formulation that reduces environmental impact during manufacturing, and almost completely eliminates that after-market off gassing that is common with some viscoelastic foam applications.

The Bergad Isoform Mattress is often compared to Tempurpedic, and fares very well against the recognized industry leader.

In fact, the two brands rate almost identical in testing, but Bergad wins out in the end due to the much lower price of a Bergad Isoform Mattress. In other categories, such as firmness, durability, and care, both brands fare equally well.

An Isoform Mattress is currently the pinnacle of sleep science. It uses memory foam, which was first invented by NASA space experiments, and which gets its name from its ability to return to its original form time after time, in both durability and comfort tests.

The Bergad is sometimes reputed to be a little more firm than its higher priced cousin, but this could be an initial impression, as memory foam will seem a little stiff before it has had any use.

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A Bergad Mattress is available in several different product lines, including Isoform Classic Bed, Isoform Deluxe Bed, Isoform Opulence Bed, and the Isoform Luna Bed.

The classic may be more affordable for those on a tight budget, but all provide the basic advantages of sleeping of a memory foam mattress. And only Bergad uses the environmentally friendly manufacturing process that reduces the company's impact on the global environment.

A Bergad Isoform memory foam mattress is like no other mattress you have ever slept on. For people who have always had difficulty getting a good night's sleep, doctors and chiropractors alike suggest trying a new mattress.

They even go a step farther, and advise that a memory foam mattress conforms to the body's pressure points in a way that no conventional mattress could do. If health, safety, and comfort are your primary concerns, then it could be a wise decision to look into getting a Bergad Isoform Mattress.