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Bergad Foam Mattresses

You can purchase a Bergad foam mattress for considerably less than other leading memory foam mattresses from top name brands, but what exactly do you get for the lower price?

It is true in most cases that you get what you pay for, but every now and then a product hits the market that shatters that idea completely. Bergad is one of those products, since they provide top quality beds that are comfortable and durable over a number of years, yet offered at a lower price.

Bergad foam mattresses are just like any other line of bedding in that they have different models with different features. The price varies from one model to another, depending on how much memory foam is included, the density of that foam, and other features offered such as the quality of the top fabric. Other options such as extra edge support will often add more expense to particular models as well.

As even the most critical mattress reviews have to confess, the Bergad Isoform foam mattress is extremely comfortable and durable even if you only consider the most basic model.

The Classic Bed is their lowest priced model, and it includes a total of seven pounds of high quality memory foam. That is a much higher density than most other mattresses in the same price range and puts this mattress in heated competition with higher priced mattresses such as the Tempurpedic line.

With a layer of two pound density foam for bottom support and a five pound density layer of viscoelastic memory foam used in the top part of the mattress, each bed gives superior support and comfort at once.

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This foam is manufactured so that harmful gasses are not expelled as you sleep on them, and they are designed not to hold in as much heat as memory foam mattresses are known for doing.

Of course, they still tend to sleep a little warmer than standard innerspring mattresses, but if that is not a bonus in your mind than the problem is easily relieved by sleeping with lighter blankets.

The more advanced (and higher priced) beds included in the Bergad memory foam mattress line include extra layers of memory foam that provide even more comfort and superior support.

Even if you decide to purchase one of these more luxurious models, you will pay much less than if you went with a similar model in the competing bed line ups.

Bottom line, a Bergad foam mattress offers extreme comfort and proper body alignment at a price much lower than the competition.