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Beautyrest Pillow Top Mattress

If you are ready for the bed of your dreams, a Simmons Beautyrest pillow top mattress may be exactly what you are looking for. The reaction from most consumers when they first lay down on a plush pillow top is absolute amazement. It is hard to accept that you have slept uncomfortably for so many years when a bed like this out there, but what does this bed offer besides an ultra comfortable pillow top?

The good news is Beautyrest pillow top mattresses are extremely comfortable because of what is underneath the memory foam pillow pad on top.

They offer a new design of coils that add greater comfort to the mattress, even without the added pillow. Each individual coil is wrapped in its own plush sleeve, and the higher end models have two stacks of pocketed coils for even more body support.

Whether you need an extremely soft mattress that gives the feel of sleeping on air or you prefer something a little more supportive, there is a Beautyrest pillow top mattress to fit your needs.

Since the pillow pad is created with memory foam or similar materials, they can be made firmer, though it is important to understand they can be too soft for many consumers’ liking. Just as with picking any mattress, you should try to lay on one to test the firmness before making a final decision.

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No matter which level of firmness you select, the benefit of a Beautyrest pillowtop lies in the way it conforms to the body and allows you to sink down into the mattress evenly.

The pressure points that lead to aches and stiffness with other mattresses are eliminated since the extra foam in the topper conforms to your exact shape to keep your body properly supported.

While pillow tops are hands down the best mattress type that you can purchase on the market today, there is one criticism from which Beautyrest pillow top mattresses are not necessarily free. The main one is the problem of body impressions.

As you rest into the mattress over time, there is a chance that the foam will start to compress. The problem is not in the compression, but in the resilience of the material. Simmons uses high quality foams, but it is true these mattresses may not last quite as many years as a mattress without the pillowtop.

Even with the slight chance of a body impression forming after some years of use, a Simmons Beautyrest pillow top mattress is still an extremely comfortable option that is worth checking into.