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Waterbed Mattresses

The main advantage of a waterbed mattress is that the comfort and the supporting properties of a watermattress do not change over the years, in contrast to the properties of a traditional mattress. Waterbed mattresses come in free flow, semi-waveless, waveless, and ultra waveless water types and they come with or without additional lumbar support.

A waterbed mattress conforms to the exact contours of your body. Choosing one of the available waterbed types should give that perfect night's sleep. If your partner wants a different amount of wave reduction in their waterbed mattress from what you would like for your waterbed mattress, no problem; you can buy a dual waterbed mattress.

The following is a guide to the types of waterbed mattresses.

Free Flow (full motion)

A free flow waterbed mattress has no fill on the inside of the mattress to dampen or control the flow of water, so the result is a mattress that is very wavy and does not provide optimum support and is probably not suitable for a couple to sleep in. When buying a free flow mattress, it is important that the vinyl is not recycled, and that it be made with premium qulity viny.

Fiber Fill Mattresses (semi-waveless)

These water bed mattresses use a polyester sheet on the inside of the bag that helps to decrease the amount of wave and to increase the amount of support. As a guide, the more fiber that is in the mattress, the firmer it is and the less wave motion. Many manufacturers will increase the amount of fiber in the lower lumbar area to increase support for the lower back. Fiber fill waterbed mattresses are very effective, but there a couple of drawbacks. Because the fiber on the inside of the mattress retains water, the bed can be difficult to drain. It is recommended that an electric pump is used to drain a fiber mattress effectively. Another drawback of fiber mattresses is that sometimes the fiber can shift inside the mattress, thereby reducing the comfort and support of the mattress.

Hydraulic Mattresses (waveless)

Hydraulic waterbed mattresses are the most effective at reducing wave motion. Sealed to the bottom of the mattress are round vinyl coils that fill with water and float just near the surface. When you get into the bed, water is pushed through small ports on these coils, and as a result the water is dampened.

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One of the advantages of this type of system is that you and you partner are sleeping on individual hydraulic coils. As a result, the lighter person doesn’t end up being pushed up higher than her sleeping partner, which is what happens with other types of waterbed mattresses. The more coils that are placed within the mattress, the firmer it is and the more wvae motion is reduced; so finding out how many coils are used in the mattress is key to knowing how well it reduces wave motion. Draining a hydo-coil mattress is straightforward as there is no heavy fiber on the inside that will retain water and bunch up. Because the vinyl coils are sealed to the bottom of the mattress, shifting is completely eliminated.

As well as the different types of waterbed mattresses there are two main types of waterbed; the Hardside and the Softside. The Hardside was the original waterbed. The Hardside type means that the waterbed mattress sits directly in a strong wooden surround that provides side support. The whole thing rests on a square base, between the mattress and the frame there is a safety lining that can catch any water in the event of a leak. The more modern style waterbed is called a Softside waterbed. With this type, the waterbed mattress or tube system is supported at the side by a foam edging and zippered mattress cover. The support from this foam edge ensures that a Soft-side waterbed can stand alone or can be fitted into an existing bedframe. They are available in varing depths, cover qualities and with or without waterbed heaters. There is one more advatnage to the Softside waterbed; you can use the sheets and blankets you already have. With a Harside waterbed you need to buy special sheets to fit the bed.

When buying a waterbed mattress, buy the best you can afford. The life of a waterbed mattress is dependent on the quality if the vinyl used in its construction. Furthermore, the foam edges are subject to wear and tear. So, it is best to choose a system in which the edges can later be replaced separately if need be. As you read above, it is best to buy a hydraulic waterbed mattress if you are a couple.