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Many of the best and biggest mattress discounters can be found on the Web. But buying a mattress cheaper on the internet doesn't mean you have to forget about quality. Many online mattress companies sell top rated, well known mattress brands at discount prices.

Are mattresses sold on the internet really cheaper than those sold in mattress warehouses? In many instances, the answer is yes. There are two main reasons for this. The first is because mattress firms who sell online don't have the cost incurred in buying or renting expensive retail units. Their shop-front is a web page, not a shop. The second reason is that they can buy large amounts of mattresses at discount prices which they can ship from a warehouse. The mattress retailers can then pass on these savings to the consumer.

But do these online discount mattress companies provide good customer after sales care? Like any business, staying in business means proving excellent customer care. All the companies mentioned on this website sell quality mattresses, at discounted prices, with fantastic after sales customer support.

Many mattress discounters sell online and from many nationwide stores. So, if you're not comfortable with buying online, you can visit their website to find the store nearest to you. The great thing about visiting their website first, before you go to the store, is that you can read their mattress reviews and narrow down the type of mattress you want to buy.

As stated above, buying a mattress cheaply doesn't mean buying a cheap mattress. You can buy mattress from a mattress discounter from the best manufacturers in the world; Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons, Elixa, Somma Aire to name just a few. Most online discount mattress stores stock all mattress types from all of the top brand mattress manufacturers, so when you order your mattress you can be assured of quick delivery. Many also offer free trial periods. If the mattress isn't to your liking, you can simply return it, no problem - Tempur-Pedic are offering a 60 night trial of their revolutionary memory foam mattress!

We all like a bargain and, by shopping online - or by going to your local mattress discounter store - you can find discounted mattresses from the world's leading mattress manufacturers. A quality mattress will provide years of good sleeping - especially knowing you got it at a discounted price!