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Air Mattress

Buying an air mattress puts you in charge of your own sleeping comfort. Unlike conventional mattresses, an air mattress allows you to adjust the firmness, and thereby comfort, of your mattress. The adjustment level is infinite and some air mattresses come with remote dial controls.

Today, quite a few companies make top rated air mattresses, so you can rest assured that your money will be well spent.

One such company that make excellent air mattresses are Elixa. They've been making an 'air support sleep system' since 1981, and their Comfortaire range of air mattresses are highly rated by consumers. Their air mattresses come with an 8" air chamber and a memory foam topper. Their patented digital Whisperflo air system ensures that you can adjust the level of firmness to your exact needs.

But what if you prefer a soft mattress but your partner prefers one that is firmer? The Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort could be the answer. It comes with two separate air chambers and a numbered remote dial controls for each air chamber. So both you and your partner can adjust each chamber of the air mattress to suit your own requirements.

Somma are another company that make air mattresses. They employ their patented inner coil lumbar support system to make sure your night's sleep is the best it can be. Somma Aire Beds is committed to innovation. They also invite you to take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee and see for yourself if air sleep is everything you heard it was.

There are many benefits of buying an air mattress. You can adjust the level of firmness and comfort to match your specific needs. Many air mattresses come with two air chambers to allow you and your partner to adjust each side of the mattress to their own requirements. Some models can be converted into a lounge, chair, or recliner. Another type of air mattress is the low-cost, foldable variety. Finally, air mattress can be bought to suit all budgets. Our advice is always to buy the best air mattress you can afford.