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Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Mattresses

Some mattresses are not just the best on the market, but they are sold exclusively by one particular retailer. For the Aireloom Rip Van Winkle mattress, that exclusive retailer is Macys. This is in keeping with the exclusive Aireloom brand and you can expect to shell out thousands of dollars for a single mattress set. So, are these beds worth the hassle of tracking one down, or are they just another overpriced brand that you can easily rival with a cheaper purchase?

The high end mattress market is usually in a class all it’s own for a reason, and the Aireloom Rip Van Winkle is no exception. The brand is known for their handcrafted mattresses that use only the best possible materials inside and out, and this particular model delivers in both areas.

The Van Winkle is hand stitched to ensure it holds up for many years to come and it combines two of the best materials on the mattress market right now: latex and memory foam.

Memory foam has become well known of its ability to conform to the body and absorb every muscle and joint in complete comfort, relieving pressure points that lead to sleep interruptions and morning aches.

Similarly, latex has become well known as an all natural resource that provides excellent body support and is highly resilient. Both of these materials are layered throughout the Rip van Winkle by Aireloom, delivering the most best of both worlds: excellent body support and superior comfort in a single mattress.

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The memory and latex foam layers are surrounded with 42 pounds of premium quality cotton upholstery to create a 15 inch mattress packed with nothing but high quality bedding materials.

The Aireloom Rip Van Euro Pillowtop is then topped off with a euro style pillow topper that delivers extreme comfort made to last for years to come.

Obviously, it is going to be hard to beat the high quality that goes into each hand stitched mattress, but is there something in the lower priced market that may be a slightly cheaper alternative?

There are a few other well known name brands that make mattresses with a combination of memory foam and latex together with price tags a bit lower. If you can do without the luxurious name brand, they may reasonably alternatives to seek out.

The beauty of the Aireloom Rip Van Winkle mattress is that it combines the absolute best bedding materials on the market right now to deliver body support and supreme comfort for demanding consumers who aren’t afraid to make an investment in a great night of sleep.