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Aireloom Mattress

There are a number of high quality mattresses available today, including such notables as the Duxiana and Intelli-Gel sleep systems, but very few compare in every detail to an Aireloom mattress. Using hand crafted design, imported wool, and space-age memory foam, an Aireloom mattress has earned a place at the top of product reviews everywhere.

The Royal Aireloom Mattress

Very few mattress brands can boast they were the insisted upon choice of U.S. Presidents, or that they were first introduced to the United States to cater to the demanding needs of Hollywood stars. For the Aireloom mattress, these facts are just a matter of course, starting with their creation by King Karpin back in 1949, and progressing all the way into the White House when occupied by the Reagans in the 1980's. In fact, past owners of the Royal Aireloom mattress is somewhat a who's who of the rich and famous, including John Wayne and Rita Hayworth, among many others.

Materials In The Aireloom Handcrafted Mattress

An Aireloom foam encased mattress is more than a stylish and luxuriant bed; it is an investment in quality sleep. Comfort, in fact, is built into the product, as the Aireloom synchronized support mattress starts with a hand tied foundation which locks each offset spring in place and promises stability that is not available from other inner spring beds. From that humble beginning, each spring is individually wrapped, and then topped with only the most rigidly controlled materials, such as memory foam, cotton, and an outer layer of imported Joma wool, prized for it's ability to resist sagging and compression.

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The Quality Of An Aireloom Synchronized Support Mattress

Of course, an Aireloom mattress will cost you a pretty penny, with prices starting at more than two thousand US dollars, and progressing to upwards of twenty-five thousand. But you wouldn't expect the Rolls-Royce of sleep systems to come with a price tag equal to what you would pay for a lesser model, and an Aireloom mattress offers the same style and comfort in your mattress that a Rolls-Royce offers for a driving experience. But don't take my word for it take one out for a test drive yourself, and you'll see what I have been attempting to explain.

Luxury Sleep Is An Aireloom Foam Encased Mattress

The Aireloom mattress stands apart from other inner spring sleep systems, and even equals many modern material designs, including memory foam construction. For a good night's sleep, a comfortable surface, and remarkable support for shoulders, hips, and back, it is hard to find an equal to what is available in an Aireloom mattress.