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Aireloom Latex Mattresses

When you want the absolute best for your home, you turn to Aireloom. They offer high end mattress sets that keep up with the times and offer the absolute best materials, advanced technological designs, and handstitching on their very best models.

One of the most highly ranked models being offered right now is the Aireloom latex mattress. Latex mattresses tend to run higher than other materials, but Aireloom’s models are among the highest priced on the market. Is this just market strategy to give them a more luxurious appeal, or is there good reason for the steep price tag?

It is sometimes the case that high end mattresses are nothing more than decent products that have been over-advertised, but there happens to be ample justification for the price tag on an Aireloom mattress set running up to four or five thousand dollars. The use of high quality latex foams and high density memory foam is part of the reason, but the hand-stitching and extreme care for quality control is the other half of the story.

Most Aireloom latex bed models use premium grade talalay latex foam, which is highly resilient and durable. Combined with hand-stitched sides, you can guarantee that the premium quality cotton and memory foam (when used) is held together firmly and will not sag or lose shape for years to come. Mattresses from the brand are known to last for ten or more years and the Aireloom latex foam models being made today are top quality that will go on for years.

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Perhaps the best mattress in the Royal Aireloom latex mattress in is the latex pillow top. With high density memory foam positioned inside the mattress and premium latex in the pillow top, you cannot beat the comfort level of this mattress.

While cheaper made mattresses use lower quality foams and comfort layers to cut costs, they cannot compete with the comfort and body support provided by an Aireloom mattress with premium grade materials. An Aireloom will likely last years longer than cheaper made mattresses as well.

The Aireloom latex mattress can only be purchased at Macys and is intended to provide the absolute best to consumers who are willing to pay for just that.

If you find you can’t quite afford that level of luxury, check out more reasonably priced luxury bedding, such as those offered from Simmons, Gold Bond, and Sealy. The materials may not be as high grade and the stitching won’t be done by hand, but there are high quality mattresses that will last for years to come in the lower price categories.