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Air Mattress Ratings

If you have decided that an air mattress is the perfect way to go either for your own bedroom or a guest bedroom, then it is important to take advantage of the valuable information found in air mattress ratings.

This is where you will find firsthand information from consumers who have already taken home the beds you are considering for your own sleep needs. Reading their reviews can help you with what to expect when you bring that mattress, or one similar to it, home to your own bedroom.

There are a few brand names that routinely get positive marks in ratings of air mattresses. Considering what these brands have to offer is a good introduction on what can be found on the market today, and which one may fit your individual needs.

If you are looking for something that feels very close to a real bed, but which can easily be taken down and put up within minutes, you should look into Aerobed air mattress ratings.

This brand has a raised air bed which sits higher off the ground and comes with a bed skirt and cover to resemble as well as feel like an actual bed. You get the feeling of having a real bed set in the room, but it can easily be moved around to change the décor or taken completely down when necessary.

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For another top brand, look for Simmon Luxaire mattress ratings. These mattresses utilize air chamber technology but also contain layers of foam. A thin layer of vinyl separates the foam and the air chambers and you can adjust the firmness of the mattress by simply pressing a button. You can even change the firmness on each side of the mattress, making it perfect for a couple.

If you want the best an air bed can offer and do not mind not being able to take it down and move it around as easily, then a Select Comfort air mattress is the way to go. Otherwise known as the sleep by number bed, it uses air chambers in the place of wire springs or coils.

The beauty of the technology is that you can change the firmness on each side of the bed whenever you want. There is never a need to buy a new mattress if you suffer an injury or find a new bedmate who has their own sleep needs. This mattress allows for these adjustments on the spot, whenever necessary.

Don’t take a manufacturer’s word for it! Look into air mattress ratings to see what other consumers have discovered about a mattress before you throw out your money and take it home yourself.