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Air Beds

Air beds still give the same benefits that they have always offered, but the market continues to expand with newer and better models that deliver more than ever before. Now when you walk into a department store and start looking around for an inflatable bed to take camping or to accommodate extra children coming over for a sleepover, chances are you will have a harder time making a selection than you may have years in the past. So, what exactly can you expect from an air bed these days?

Flexibility has always been the biggest virtue of inflatable air beds. The ability to put them up and take them down within a matter of minutes makes them the perfect travel companions and allows you to turn a spare room into a comfortable guest room on short notice.

While the air beds sold today still have this feature, most of them are equipped with high quality pumps that inflate and deflate quicker than ever.

The comfort level is where most modern air mattresses rise above the thin mattresses of the past. It is no longer necessary to sleep low to the ground or worry about tumbling off the side.

Actually, if you select the right model you won’t even have to ease slowly down onto the bed with that old fear of it bursting underneath your weight. This is because high quality air beds are now made with super strong materials that hold up to 750 pounds or sometimes well beyond that.

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For example, consider two of the top name brands on the market: the Intex air bed and Coleman air bed. While both brands have a wide variety of thin mattresses designed for outdoor use, they have each have quite an extensive selection of indoor beds that deliver comfort almost on par with a regular spring mattress.

Intex offers mattresses with memory foam on the top surface and Coleman has a pillow top raised mattress.

Both brands use high quality materials that will not burst easily and can hold enough weight on a queen or king sized mattress to comfortably accommodate two or more grown adults.

The best part about air beds continues to be the savings you rack up. The cost of setting up a guest bedroom or accommodating guests in your living room can be enormous, especially if you want to purchase an actual spring bed to make your guests comfortable. With the raised air beds on the market today, this expense is simply unnecessary.