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Aerobed Queen Raised Bed

Many consumers have already discovered the value of owning an Aerobed queen raised bed, so what has been holding you back? Practically every home in the world has a very good use for a high quality air mattress that mimics the most important qualities of a regular innerspring mattress. The bets mattress to fill those needs is the Aerobed queen size mattress, but what exactly can you expect to get for your money with this purchase?

The Aerobed queen raised mattress stands a full two feet off the floor and stretches five feet wide. The sleeping surface is large enough to comfortably hold two to three people without anyone feeling as if they may roll off onto the floor. Yet, what really makes this mattress worth the money is what lies inside.

Instead of the steel coils that are incorporated into innerspring mattresses that most homes already possess, the coils inside the Aerobed Premier raised queen air mattress are filled with air.

If you are imagining the flimsy sleep surfaces of cheap air mattress of the past, it is time to replace that image with a firm mattress that actually supports the body and gives the sensation of lying down on a sturdy surface that will not give way underneath you.

Of course, you still get the perks that have always been associated with air mattresses, such as the ability to put it up and take it down in a matter of minutes. They are still convenient and much cheaper than buying an actual spare bed, yet you still get the look and feel of sleeping on an actual innerspring bed.

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To further give the appeal of sleeping on a regular bed, each raised air mattress comes with a bed skirt and mattress liner that completely hides the fact that it is actually a mattress filled with air.

You will not have anything to worry about as far as the mattress popping either, since each queen sized bed can hold up to 750 pounds.

Every home has a use for an Aerobed queen raised bed, whether it is to take along on vacations or to turn a spare room into a comforting guest room at a moment’s notice.

There is no reason that guests in your home should not be as comfortable as you are in your own bedroom, and purchasing a high quality raised air mattress is an excellent way to make them feel right at home.