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Aerobed Raised Air Mattress

Are you looking for an economical yet comfortable bed for your bedroom, spare room, or just to have on hand for those special occasions when guests sleep over? Having somewhere for a guest to sleep comfortably is essential in every home, and that is where the Aerobed raised air mattress comes into play. These mattresses have the feel and look of any other bed, but instead of typical steel coils they are made with inflatable air coils.

It takes less than three minutes to fully inflate the Aerobed raised mattress, and less than one minute for it to deflate. It is also lightweight so you can fold it up and take it down as needed, freeing up space for other uses between uses.

This is an attractive option compared to a regular innerspring mattress which takes up space and is much harder to move out of the way. Let alone the price difference between purchasing in an air mattress versus an innerspring bed.

Aerobed raised mattresses stand two feet tall and come with bed skirts that help give it the look of a regular bed, while the air chambers inside help it feel just as comfortable as regular beds as well.

This is not a cheaply made plastic mattress that will rest just inches from the floor and make you feel as if you might roll off at any point in the night. These are high quality mattresses that feel much like any other bed you may have in your home.

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The air coils are designed to relieve pressure points in the body, which is a common feature many people look for in innerspring and foam mattresses.

While it will not likely feel exactly like lying down on a foam mattress, it is a far cry from the poorly made air mattresses that many people use for camping trips or short stays away from home.

This is a high quality bed made for indoor use in spare or guest rooms, or even in your own bedroom as a more economical solution to everyday bedding.

The Aerobed raised bed is a great bed mattress for literally any room of your home. The bed skirt and mattress cover give it the look and feel of any other mattress while the air coils offer an extremely comfortable, well supported sleeping surface.

Whatever your intentions for purchasing an Aerobed raised air mattress, you are likely to be blown away by the similarities between this mattress and others in your home which likely cost three times more.