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AeroBed Raised Air Mattress

Air chambers are one of the best technologies in the bedding industry right now, and the AeroBed air mattress remains one of the top competitive brands being sold. If sleeping on air sounds a lot more comfortable than sleeping on metal coils, you will simply be amazed not only by how comfortable these beds are but by the convenience features that they offer.

Many consumers are making the switch to air beds for nightly use, whether it be the popular sleep by number beds that look like any other bed or high quality portable beds such as the Aero air mattress.

An air mattress by AeroBed provides the comfort that consumers demand along with some body support and many convenience perks that regular beds simply cannot compete with.

The best of these perks is the ability to control the level of firmness in the mattress with the quick press of a button. AeroBed takes this convenience a step further by providing a wand which controls the air coils without you even having to get up from your comfortable position.

The most popular model from this brand is the AeroBed raised air mattress. While many other models are low to the floor, this one is raised two feet up and has a lower and upper section that closely resembles an ordinary box spring and mattress set. It also comes with a bed skirt and soft cover for the sleeping surface, giving it the look of a regular bed.

Just like any other type of mattress, AeroBed air mattresses come in different sizes and fit regular bedding sheets of similar sizes. For example, the raised bed is available in twin, full, and queen sizes.

The queen size is big enough to accommodate two people comfortably and can hold up to 750 pounds, which is more than durable enough for most couples to sleep comfortably.

There are many other brands on the market, but the durable construction and extra conveniences offered by AeroBed make it a leader in the industry.

Reviews are consistently coming out in favor of the top models, such as the raised bed, and many consumers are finding these beds highly useful in their household.

An AeroBed air mattress comes from a well known and highly trusted name brand that is known for highly durable products that last long term.

Whether you are looking to improve a guest room on a budget or want a more convenient yet comfortable bed, this is a brand name that you can rely upon to deliver high quality products.