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AeroBed for Kids

What is the one key to ensuring that parents get a decent night of rest when away from home? Of course, it’s the quality of sleep that their children get! If a child is not sleeping well, you can guarantee there is at least one exhausted parent nearby who is not getting any rest either. This problem can be solved with an AeroBed for Kids. These toddler sized air mattresses are designed just for little bodies and have the potential to make traveling or sleeping away from home with small children much easier.

The AeroBed Kids mattress is eight inches tall, which is far enough from the floor for the child to feel they are sleeping in a real bed made just for them, yet still close enough that there will be no injuries if they roll off while sleeping. The mattress is made of heavy gauge material that will not easily be popped, even with an excited child jumping into bed or excitedly rolling around.

The material and accompanying cover is also hypo-allergenic, which makes it a great alternative for children who suffer from allergies that are often made worse by cotton based bedding. The cover is easily removed and can be washed like any other linen in your home.

Whether you are going for an overnight stay at grandma’s or on a longer vacation, the Aero Sleep Away Bed is a must have when small children are to come along. The sleeping surface is three feet wide and sixty inches long, which is adequate for most toddlers to sleep comfortably and move around as they would on any other bed.

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The AeroBed Kids Bed remains the best mattress for active families that spend their fair share of time away from home, or for other extended family members who regularly have children stay at their home.

In fact, any home with children should have at least one child sized air mattress in their home for sleepovers or any other occasion that may bring additional children into the home on a temporary basis.

If you have children and are planning to travel, the AeroBed for Kids will ensure that your little one has their own special place to get a good night of sleep. Thinking of their comfort will pay off for you as well in the end, since their restful night of sleep equals just as much rest for you in turn.